BikeTrial is an individual sport discipline that tests the riders' ability on how well they are able to ride their bikes over obstacles. Riders are “Observed” riding over specially marked area’s and penalty points are given each time any part of their body touches the ground or the obstacle. It is ridden on mountain bikes and special bikes made for this sport.

Most competitions take place in attractive outdoor settings. The obstacles can be either natural (eg boulders, banks, streams) or artificial (eg wooden pallets, tyres). Like those that might be found in urban areas the aim is to go through each "section" in a limited time, without the rider himself having any contact with the obstacle

Young children can be involved in this sport at the age of six. And the whole family can join in my helping them, watching, observing (marking all competitors) or by becoming involved with course marking and setting up or administration.

All riders are encouraged to put forward comments and ideas. The aim is to improve our sport and to increase its standing in the community and its popularity.

BikeTrial is also a very attractive sport for spectators, and continues to see ever-increasing growth all over the world, and in Britain our sport is managed by BikeTrial UK, which is made up of trials organisers from all around the country. BikeTrial UK meets around four times each year to plan the British BikeTrial Championship events, to select the British Team for the European and World Championships, and to deal with any correspondence and enquiries.

It also works to minimise riders' costs whilst maintaining a democratic, fair, open, accessible and accountable organisation whilst providing the structure, protection and insurance cover, to enable riders and organisers to enjoy their sport


a) BikeTrial is an 'original sport' and since its creation it has maintained and must continue to maintain its independence and complete identity against any other federation.

b) BikeTrial was born in order to be run by its own specialists who are experts in this particular sport.

c) Since its beginning BikeTrial has been structured to be an amateur sport and one of coexistence, which is necessary for young people. This is the reason why the minimum standard of providing camping was established for the organisers of the World BikeTrial Championship.

d) Due to the fact that BikeTrial riders are young, the World BikeTrial Championship began being organised in the summer (school holiday) period and should continue to be so, always in consultation with the member countries.

e) In order to achieve uniformity in the results, since its beginning BikeTrial conceived that the World BikeTrial Championship classifications were based on four competitions with the best three results to count. This could be applied to national championships as well.

f) In order to achieve a successful number of entries, it was established from the beginning that the 'Promesa' to 'Senior' and 'Expert' categories had relatively easy sections and only the Elite and Master categories had difficult sections, whilst always avoiding them from being dangerous.

g) From its beginning BikeTrial should always respect the concerns of the young riders, leaving to one side the opinion or advice from parents. The governing body should plan the rules in this way.

h) Given that BikeTrial is an outstanding sport but a minority one, it should be underlined that the bodies that form the sport must work together to avoid any split in the system.

i) The regulatory body for the sport is the BikeTrial International Union (BIU). Any changes in the rules have to be approved by the BIU Committee.

j) All riders have the right that the competitions are judged in a fair and unbiased manner. The rider's nationality, team or ranking must not affect the way he is judged during a competition.

Created by: Pere Pi (Founder of BikeTrial) March 2006

Admitted by: Libor Musil (President of the E.B.U.) April 2006

Agreed by: Hiroshi Hirano (President of B.I.U.) April 2006


BikeTrial UK exists in order to:

Promote the ideals of good citizenship through the disciplines inherent in sporting activity:


Self discipline

Personal responsibility


Manage the sport of BikeTrial in the United Kingdom

Monitor and supervise the quality of British Championship competitions

Supervise British riders' membership of the BikeTrial International Union

Organise British riders' entries to BIU World Championship events

Represent British riders' interests at BIU World Championship events

Aims and Objectives:

To encourage growth of the sport, and therefore youth involvement, by developing and enabling systems for new groups/clubs to embrace

To improve the quality of the BikeTrial sport in the UK

Providing venues of a quality appropriate for British Championship standard

Providing facilities appropriate for British Championship attention

Providing awards suitable for British Championship level

To increase public interest and to raise media attention in order to encourage a growth of the importance of the sport in the UK

To enhance Britain's standing in the World ranking of BikeTrial

Membership of the BikeTrial UK committee

Officers to be elected are Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, BIU Delegate, EBU Delegate and P R Officer. (ALL VOTING)

Each UK BikeTrial Club recognised by the BikeTrial UK committee is allowed one nominated delegate vote (or his authorised representative) and one other voting representative; maximum two votes per club.

Any person wishing to stand for an officer position is required to fill out a declaration of interest form.

Any additional people who wish to attend may do so in a none voting capacity, it would be appreciated for reasons of space and food that they contact the secretary in advance of the meeting.

Agendas will be published in advance of the meetings and any items for inclusion to the Agenda should be notified to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

Officers offer themselves for re-election after a one year term. Any recognised club can nominate candidates for office or any group of twenty riders can sign a nomination form. Nominations should be made 14 days before the AGM.

BikeTrial UK is a not for profit organisation, any expenditure made on its behalf, must be brought for approval to the committee.

An individual or individuals may not pick a team, post on a web site, acting on behalf of BikeTrial UK, without the authorisation of the committee.

The addition of a PR assistant (none voting) and Riders Representative was agreed. The riders representative to be elected by the riders.
Chairman is normally none voting but he has the casting vote in the event of an equal vote from the other voting members.

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